Are you looking for industrial cleaning services? Do you need a well-reputed cleaning company? Then welcome to So Fresh So Clean Janitorial Services! We are a renowned brand among many commercial cleaning companies in Gaston, SC and other adjacent towns, such as Leesville, Columbia, West Columbia and Lexington. Our goal is to offer affordable, thorough and responsive cleaning services to home and business owners. Our top-rated services are conducted by well trained and experienced cleaners who are trustworthy and can work under minimal supervision. Here, we will go the extra mile to ensure we have delivered superb service.


Our industrial cleaning services ensure your workspace is clean of any dirt, debris, and dust. This creates a favorable working environment for you and your staff. A clean work area minimizes accidents, guarantees the health of employees and improves your team members’ output. At So Fresh So Clean Janitorial Services, our cleaning methods, and techniques are safe for your workers and the environment. We only use solvents that have been tested and proven to be non-toxic. If you need us to clean your shop, we will design a work plan that ensures we don’t disrupt your routine. We can do the cleaning in the evening when you are closed or during weekends. With us, you are assured of value for your money.


At So Fresh So Clean Janitorial Services, we also conduct residential cleaning services. Instead of spending your weekends cleaning your home, why not hire us and go and spend some quality time with your family. Just give us the instructions, and you will be surprised how clean and fresh your house will be. We dust and clean kitchens, shelves, furniture, windows, basements, floors and any other surface you want sparkling. If you are looking for reliable commercial cleaning companies within Gaston, SC and other surrounding places including Leesville, Columbia, West Columbia and Lexington, contact us today!

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